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Hey there & welcome!

Are you a coach who wants to ...

Start up your coaching business?

Build the digital presence necessary for success?

Have the magical  BRANDING   |  WEBSITE  SOCIAL MEDIA  trio in place?

Then you've come to the right place.


We are coaches just like you. 

Our combined corporate background in Marketing and IT

will pave your way to a custom digital presence 

that is both  authentic  and  engaging.  

In our Branding Lab, we LISTEN to you, we create deliverables TOGETHER  with you, and we provide UNIQUE identity for you.

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Transformational Coach Animas
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Our promise

We take the stress off your mind.

You get from us  everything  you need to run a successful business,
so you can hit the ground  running  and focus on coaching your clients.

how we work

The process is simple.


We start with a DNA Workshop, where you tell us everything about your challenges, your coaching style, and your objectives. 


Then we create a bespoke digital experienceconsisting of:

- a brand that represents you

- a website that tells your story 

- social media presence that adds value to your followers' lives 

what you get

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An authentic & creative foundation with a brand architecture that fully represents you and your business.


  1. Target Group

  2. Positioning

  3. Visual Identity

    • Logo​

    • Colours

    • Fonts

  4. Brand Architecture​​​

    • Brand name

    • Domain name

    • Social Media handles

    • Tag line

    • Mission & Vision

    • Values

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Step 2


Multilingual, optimised for both mobile and desktop, SEO proof, with integrated booking and invoicing systems.


  1. Website

  2. Multilingual interface

  3. Desktop and mobile optimised

  4. SEO

  5. Integrated systems for:

    • Booking 

    • Invoicing 

    • Payment

  6. Business Cards

  7. Marketing Brochure

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Step 3


Social - first, Media - second.

A content strategy with the needs of your clients in mind and in line with your offer and services.


  1. Ecosystem thinking

  2. Social Media Channel priority

  3. Seamless navigation across channels

  4. Content creation

    • 12 post templates

    • 3 story templates


On average, we dedicate up to 40h lovingly crafting a project. 

Depending on your expectations and the complexity of your vision we will come up with the best investment option during our consultation call.


 animas  students and alumni

can apply for a  30% discount.